All About Composting Toilets

Which toilets are best? This is the question which arises when buying a new toilet for home. this is It might look like a standard toilet but it works differently it doesn’t flush Malik we decided to install the waterless loo when building her quorum up home two years ago I thought noon that conversing it’s going to be ugly it’s going to make you feel of things like deep drop loose in the bush but once we started looking at them and saw one and yeah no problem at all,

In fact, I love the look of it according to the Water Corporation the average person flushes ten thousand liters of water down the toilet every year Margaret River environmental engineer Anthony Smith says more people are now turning to a greener option it seems like such a crazy thing to do you know flushing drinkable water down the toilet.

Which has to be treated whereas you know composting toilet is saving that water it’s saving the treatment of that water and ending up with with a valuable resource in the compost toilet waste breaks down dries and shrinks considerably within six months its composted manure fetch to fertilize as the garden you would think these toilets would smell horrible but they don’t the excess liquid is drained out there’s a small extraction.

The fan inside the unit and the wood shavings that are added after each use encourage the breakdown process Preventing any would-be smells the w.a Health Department has approved more than 30 different models of composting toilets for household use as long as the property is over a thousand square meters and unable to connect to a sewer Mr. Smith hopes to educate people about these toilets will encourage them to rethink flushing away precious water Roxanne Taylor ABC News Margaret River pull it out basically lift the back it out and then take that out someone to come fast finish composting.

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